RE: Application File No. TPA/CPA 22-13 and
RE: Application File No. REZ-22-93
2713 Bayshore Boulevard

The undersigned, residents, small businesses, and citizens, oppose the above referenced ordinance request to the Future Land Use Map and rezoning application that would allow a 29-story building at 352 feet, and nearly 300,000 square feet living space, with 60 proposed units. We oppose any reduction to the required tree retention and the removal of several meaningful grand live oaks.

This application if granted will increase density in a Coastal High Hazard Flood Area and may have an adverse effect on storm evacuation times and overburden the hurricane evacuation routes and shelter capacity integral to the health and safety of residents and add to the overburdened Bayshore Boulevard corridor.

The design of the proposed development impinges on the privacy of the neighbors and small businesses in this community. The Hillsborough City County Planning Commission found this proposed Future Land Use designation change inconsistent with goals, policies and objectives of the Tampa Comprehensive Plan in their November 7, 2022 report. Recent changes to the request for land use designation did nothing to scale back the physical size of the proposed building.

Please deny this request for a change in land use and rezoning.

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